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Sandhills, Employer of Record (EOR) Program

* This tool is for estimation of an individual budget and does not constitute an obligation on the part of GT Independence or Sandhills to fund or authorize services.

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Service CodeDescriptionUnitEffective DateEnd DateUnit RateHourly RateEffective Unit RateTotal Hours AuthorizedTotal Hours AllocatedBudget AuthorizedBudget Allocated

*Please ensure that the rate you have entered for any enhanced rates have been approved and authorized.

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First NameLast NameService CodeHours Per WeekHours for Auth PeriodAnnual BonusEmployee BenefitsPay Rate (Per Hour)Gross Wages

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First NameLast NameNeeds TrainingFICAFUTASUTAFed Income TaxState Income Tax

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Vacation Time Calculator

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Mileage Calculator

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Mandatory Taxes For Authorization Period

Social Security & Medicare
SUTA(State Unemployement)
FUTA(Federal Unemployement)
Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation

*Full Time for workers compensation is classified as 20 or more hours

# Full Time Workers# Part Time WorkersWorker's Compensation Total

Additional Benefits

Dollar Amount
Training (CPR, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens)
Supplies/Misc. Costs
Supervisory Hours (Taxed)
Wage Premiums (overtime, emergency back-up staffing)

GT Independence

North Carolina Budget Calculator

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Budget Summary

Direct CostsUnitsRateDollars
Indirect Costs
*-These items are not subject to Payroll TaxTotal Authorized Dollars
Total Budgeted Dollars
Total Remaining for Future Use

Self Directed Service Hours and Total Dollar Amount
Supervisory/Training Hours
Optional Benefit Hours, ex. Vacation, Sick
Total Base Salary Hours

The following expenses are proportionally allocated to the Cost Categories Above:

Payroll Taxes
Employee Benefits
Wage Premiums

Section B: Self-Directed Authorization Calculator

Employee NameHoursTotal

Payroll Taxes (2)
Worker's Compensation (3)
Employee Benefits
Retention Bonus (Included in Gross)
Vacation (Optional)
Mileage Reimbursement (Optional)
Emergency/Back-up Staffing Hours
Startup Training/Supervision Costs
Supplies/Misc Costs
Administrative Costs
Other Costs (Include Invoiced Services)
Reserved for other service related costs:
Total Budget


(1)These hours are added for supervisory/training time spent with staff.
Employees would be paid for the time supervised/trained, but the hours would not be billed to Medicaid.
(2)Breakdown of Benefits %
Social Security and Medicare 7.65%
SUTA (State Unemployement Tax Act) 1.20%
FUTA (Federal Unemployement Tax Act)1.80%
(3)Worker's Compensation is based on the rate set

* This tool is for estimation of an individual budget and does not constitute an obligation on the part of GT Independence or Alliance to fund or authorize services.

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